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How The Design Process Works

We follow an illustration design process that has been formulated using proven methodologies. We have served global clients using this approach to designing artwork and we have faced no complaints from brands and individuals alike.

Our design process is simple as our designers first analyze your needs, evaluate them and then suggest you how they would commence with the designing of your illustration. The design team consists of illustrators, designers, and strategists who will exert their efforts to find the right illustration style for you.


Project Brief

We begin our process by asking for a brief explanation or a document of your design concept. Once we have received it, we will provide you with all the possible design solutions we have gathered. We would need your utmost collaboration to find the perfect illustration style for you.



After we have received the design brief, we begin to think of the possible designs that fit your said requirements. In this phase, client collaboration matters the most. You would have to give answers to questions relevant to your illustration specifications and our team would then design accordingly.


Illustration Creation

We would then forward you the design concepts we have created. You would have to choose the designs you deem fit and we would then enhance your chosen design further. We guarantee customer satisfaction so you do not have to fret about asking for multiple revisions since the chances for that are low.


We Enhance

Before we forward you the high-resolution files of your illustration, we inquire for any possible changes or revisions. The client has to thoroughly review the design and ask for preferable changes. We make sure the final result is up to your liking with no room for dissatisfaction.


We Deliver

After you are content with the final illustration, we then forward all the files in high-resolution formats. We provide you with the appropriate copyrights as our designs are 100% unique and original.